Chinese Idiom Stories

The Fox Borrows The Tiger's Power

There once was a tiger who was very hungry. He searched and he searched for some kind of animal to eat, but he could find nothing. Finally, he caught a fox. But before the tiger could eat him, the fox said, "You can't eat me! Heaven has made me King of the Beasts, and if you eat me, you will be breaking Heaven's law!" The tiger did not believe that an animal as small as the fox could be King of Beasts, and so the fox continued, "If you don't believe me, just walk behind me, and see how many of the animals dare not to run when they see me coming!" The tiger agreed, and began to follow the fox. And when the animals saw them coming, they all fled in fright. The tiger did not know that it was actually himself, and not the fox, that the animals were afraid of.

Today, this idiom is used to describe a person who uses another's influence to frighten to bully people.





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