Chinese Idiom Stories

The Measurements Are More Reliable

There was once a man who wanted to buy a new pair of shoes. Before he went to the store, he took careful measurements of his feet and noted the dimensions on a piece of paper.

But he forgot to bring his note along. At the store he found a pair of shoes he liked very much. He was about to try them on when he suddenly remembered that he had left his note at home.

"I've left my measurements at home," he told the storekeeper. "I'm now going to get them. I'll be back soon."

Immediately he hurried home to fetch the note. By the time he returned, the store was closed, so he could not buy the shoes after all.

The next day the man related the incident to a friend. The friend asked, "Why didin't you try them on to see if they fit?"

"Well," answered the man, "the measurements are more reliable!"






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