Chinese Idiom Stories

The Wolf and The Bei Make Mischief

The "bei" is an animal much like the wolf. The major difference between these two animals is that the wolf has long front legs and short hind legs, while the bei has short front legs and long hind legs. The wolf and the bei often work together to catch sheep or cows.

One day, a wolf and a bei who were out looking for something to eat came across a sheep pen which was surrounded by a very high, very sturdy wall. They tired and they tried, but could neither jump over the wall nor knock it down. Finally, the wolf thought of a plan. He said, "You let me climb up on your shoulders, and stretch out your long hind legs, pushing me up high, then if I stretch out my long front legs, I'll be able to reach us a lamb." And so by cooperating in this way, the wolf and the bei got their lamb.

Today, when two people work together to accomplish something bad, we can say that "the wolf and the bei are making mischief."





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