Chinese Idiom Stories

At Whose Hand Will The Dear Die

During the Eastern Chin dynasty, there lived a merchant named Shr Le. When the area in which he lived was struck by natural disaster, Shr Le was forced out of business. Unable to find work, he had nothing to eat, and when he was so hungry that he could stand it no longer, he sold himself as a slave to a wealthy family.

Shr Le's master, seeing that his appearance was not like that of an ordinary man, soon let him go free. Shr Le then went and offered his services to another man, named Liou Yuan, who established the kingdom of Han. Several years later, Shr Le betrayed the kingdom of Han, and himself became the emperor of the most powerful kingdom of his time. Shr Le was extremely proud of himself, and once boasted in front of many people, "If I had been born at the same time as the emperor of Han, I most certainly would've had it out with him to see who was the real man. And we all know who would've wound up on throne!"

Today, when two parties are competing and it is still unclear who will win, one of the two competing parties may use the idiom "At Whose Hand Will The Deer Die" to express confidence in his own ability.




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