Chinese Idiom Stories

To Try To Help The Shoots Grow By Pulling Them Upward

There once was a farmer who was always in a hurry. Right from the day he planted his seeds, he hoped to have an early harvest. He went to look at his field every day, wishing that the seeds would grow.

The seeds finally did begin to sprout into tender green seedlings, but the farmer was still not satisfied. He felt that they were growing too slowly. And so one day, he went into his field and pulled each seedling up, so that they were all a little taller than before. It took him all day, but the farmer was very pleased with himself.

The next morning, when the farmer's family went out to look at what he had done, every one of the little seedlings was dead.

Today, this idiom means that trying to hurry things up, rather than letting them take their own course, may be harmful rather than beneficial.





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