Chinese Idiom Stories

To Have So Much Fun That One Forgets About Shu

Liou Shan, son of Liou Bei, was ruler of the kingdom of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms Period. He was a coward who cared only about amusing himself and knew nothing about ruling a country.

One time, the kingdom of Wei attacked Shu and took Liou Shan prisoner.

The people of Wei gave Liou Shan the title "Duke of peace and Happiness", and took him to live in their capital. Liou Shan had so much fun in the Wei capital that he soon forgot he was the ruler of a defeated kingdom. One day, Sz-ma Jau, a very powerful Wei general, invited Liou Shan over to dinner. Sz-ma Jau intenetionally hired some people to perform traditional Shu songs and plays at dinner, in order to insult Liou Shan. When Liou Shan's subordinates heard the music and saw the plays of their homeland, they grew very sad. Only Liou Shan was completely unaffected, and continued drinking wine and being merry. When Sz-ma Jau asked him, "Don't you miss Shu?" Liou Shan laughed and replied, "I'm having so much fun here; of course I don't miss Shu." And so Sz-ma Jau had even less respect for Liou Shan.

Today, when a person is enjoying himself so much that he forgets about his home and his work, we can say that he "is having so much fun that he has forgotten about Shu."



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