Chinese Idiom Stories

Unclear And Able To Go Either Way

During the Tang dynasty, there lived a man named Su Wei-dau, who was very intelligent. He began writing essays when he was only nine years old, and he did well on every examination he ever took. As an adult, he went to work for the government, and worked his way up from a low-level official to the prime minister.

As prime minister, Su Wei-dau was always afraid of offending someone and losing his position. So whenever anyone asked his opinion, he would always answer very vaguely, saying, "Well, you could do it this way, or you could do it that way." He would often tell people that they should never make clearcut decisions about anything, because if their decisions were wrong, they would have to take the responsibility. So it was better to remain unclear, and able to go either way. Therefore, the people of Su Wei-dau's time gave him the nickname, "Unclear Su."

And even today, we can still say that a person who never seems to have any opinion is "unclear and able to go either way."




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