Chinese Idiom Stories

To Offer The Warmth Of The Sun

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Sung, there was an old farmer who lived a very thrifty and simple life. He lived in a hut made of bamboo, and wore tattered clothes made of cotton.

When winter came, the weather turned so cold that the farmer could not stop shivering. Even when he put on all of his clothes, he still was not warm enough. He wanted to build a fire, but the fuel was too expensive. He really didn't know how he would ever make it through the winter.

Day by day, the winter passed; the sky cleared, and the sun came out. The farmer moved a stool outside, and sat there enjoying the warm sunshine. He said to his wife, "Warming oneself in the sun is a wonderful thing which others have not yet discovered. I am going to take this sun and present it to our king. I will show him how much we care for him by offering him the very best we have. I'm sure the king will be very pleased."

Today, people can use this idiom to express modesty when giving a gift to someone else. It means that the gift is not very expensive or valuable.




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