Chinese Idiom Stories

Heaven's Clothes Have No Stitches


In Ancient times, there lived a man named Guo Han. One hot summer day, when he could no longer stand being in his stuffy room, he went outside to sleep in the yard. When he awoke, he looked up at the sky, and suddenly form far, far away, a beautiful girl flew down. Guo Han was very surprised, and asked the girl who she was. The girl replied, "I am the Girl Weaver." Guo Han opened his eyes wide and stared at the Girl Weaver, and discovered that not only was she herself very pretty, but the clothes she was wearing were especially beautiful. Even stranger was the fact that Guo Han could find no place were her clothes had been stitched, so he asked her, "Why can I not see any stitches in your clothes?"

At this, the Girl Weaver laughed and replied, "These are Heaven's clothes. Heaven's clothes are not sewn, so how could there be any trace of a needle and thread?"

Today, this idiom can be used to describe anything that was done very skillfully, in which no flaws can be found.





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