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To Have an Image of Bamboo In One's Mind

During the Sung dynasty, there lived a scholar named Wen Tung, who loved to paint. He painted many kinds of plants, animals and insects, but his favorite subject was bamboo. Wen Tung planted some bamboo in front of his house, name cared for it very carefully. Everyday, no matter what the weather, he would observe the way his bamboo was growing, and study the way its leaves and branches changed with the seasons. After having studied his bamboo for a long time, Wen Tung could paint it with his eyes closed. All of his works were just as vivid as the real thing. One day, his friend Chau Bu-jr went to visit Wen Tung, and found him right in the middle of painting bamboo, watching Wen Tung work, Chau Bu-jr wrote a poem about him, the meaning of which was, "When Wen Tung paints, he has an image of bamboo in his mind."

Today, when a person is very sure of whatever he is doing, one can say that he "has an image of bamboo in his mind."

依筆劃 (number of strokes)

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