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To Take By Treachery And Seize By Bullying

Mi You-ren was a Sung Dynasty calligrapher and painter. He especially liked to copy the works of ancient artists, and his copies were almost exactly like the real thing. One time, after having borrowed and copied and old painting, he took the original along with his copy to the owner, and asked him which was which. Because Mi You-ren was so skilled at his work, the owner could not tell the two paintings apart, and took the copy home, thinking that it was the original. By replacing original masterpieces with his own copies in this way, Mi You-ren obtained many famous old paintings.

Although Mi You-ren was very clever, in the end, he was discovered. And becaose of this, he was looked down on by all of the people of his time.

"To Take by Trickery and Seize by Bullying" is now a for-character idiom in Chinese which refers to using dishonest means to obtain what one doesn't deserve.

依筆劃 (number of strokes)

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