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New Born Photo
Name : Cherri   Surname : Yuen
Constellation : Sagittarius   Birthday : Thu, 16th December, 2004
Days of Birth : 7156days   Current Height : 99.7cm
Birth Weight : 3.07kg   Current Weight : 14kg

Cherri's Developmental Milestones

31st MonthPhone conversation
30th MonthUse scissors well
29th MonthUse mouse to play game
28th MonthExpress herself in full sentence
27th MonthExpress her toilet needs
26th MonthSinging
25th MonthKick football out
24th MonthSay sentences
23rd MonthSupport own weight with two hands on a bar
22nd MonthAnswer self name
21st MonthSpeak couple words
20th MonthGive commands
19th MonthDance with music
18th MonthPile up to 7 blocks
17th MonthJump
16th MonthGrowth of the first molars in upper and lower jaw
15th MonthGrowth of the right upper jaw lateral incisor
14th MonthTurn Around
13th MonthGrowth of the left upper jaw lateral incisor
12th MonthGrowth of the right lower jaw lateral incisor, pronounce "DadDad", follow commands, hide things and walk alone
11th MonthStranger anxiety, stand alone, growth of the left lower jaw lateral incisor and pronounce "Mama"
10th MonthWave bye-bye and Cruise round furniture
9th MonthGrowth of the right upper jaw central incisor
8th MonthPincer grasp and growth of the left upper jaw central incisor
7th MonthGrowth of the right lower jaw central incisor
6th MonthSit without support and growth of the left lower jaw central incisor
5th MonthHand transfer
4th MonthPickup things
3rd MonthTurn from supine to prone position
2nd MonthHead control
1st MonthEye to eye contact and Social smile

Born before Christmas, our lovely baby daughter is definitely the most precious gift to us. Sleeping, eating, crying... she has changed our daily life a lot. We have been working hard to learn to take good care of her. Sometimes, we get quite tired, too. Nevertheless, we are really happy to have her with us.

A new life is a new hope. Our baby girl means so much to us. We hope that she will grow healthily and happily. For all who care for our baby, we've created this website so that you can watch her grow and see how she is doing. We'll update this website as frequent as possible.

My friends, do visit this website often to check out how our baby girl is doing before she is big enough to call you to say Thank You! Feel free to add comments too! We hope you enjoy this website!

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