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Hale Dasman     Website  MSN  14:23, May 5,2011  Edit

The best baby website I have ever find. Warm thanks from Turkey. I can find every beautiful baby songs from your page.

Dana     10:49, May 4,2011  Edit

唔知可唔可以   好想下戴...超有用呢!

Sharon     20:57, Apr 19,2011  Edit

請問可以下載您Little Fox動畫的英語兒歌嗎?請問您是要如何下載的?謝謝!

Pony     15:31, Apr 4,2011  Edit

請問可以下截您的閃閃兒歌嗎, 我女兒差不多歲半, 很佩服您對子女所做的, 希望能學習一下. 謝謝.

sherryb     10:32, Apr 2,2011  Edit

請問可以下載您Little Fox動畫的英語兒歌嗎?請問您是要如何下載的?謝謝您!

Gladys Siu   22:28, Mar 28,2011  Edit


niki   16:28, Jan 31,2011  Edit

請問可以下載您Little Fox動畫的英語兒歌嗎?請問您是要如何下載的?謝謝您

Lyan     22:14, Jan 27,2011  Edit


I love your baby songs so much, Would you mind to tell me how to download that I can take it in my phone and play to son when he is out.


mickey     12:05, Jan 19,2011  Edit

我想問下d英文歌可唔可以囉出來係mp3 or cd機到聽呀?


About song     23:56, Jan 10,2011  Edit

What a great website!  Like other parents, I would also like to know how to download the song and the movie of the Little fox.  It should be great to let my BB seeing without PC.

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