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Stanz     12:33, Dec 28,2004
嘩! 一個好正的website呀! 如果我Daddy, Mammy以前幫我整一個就好啦! (perhaps at least an offline one ^.^)

上次我唔得閒係平安夜來探望Mummy & Baby , 我會夾時間和其他同事來的!


阿蛋     6:58, Dec 28,2004
awesome! all my best wishes to the baby and parents
Cila     9:09, Dec 28,2004
The wesbite is excellent. Kevin, great work!
The baby is so cute! Noel, I wonder whether you can keep it updated! Haha... I will always come up to check it!
Carrie   MSN  10:37, Dec 28,2004
好正喎Kevin... 個網呀!

garlando     12:18, Dec 28,2004
Such a cute site to match such a cute baby girl! Can't believe Kevin made both of them!
Alex     13:15, Dec 28,2004
Wow, BB got a personal web site at the age of 9 days

祝 BB 健健康康, 快高長大, 將來做個靚靚 model !
Lausann     14:11, Dec 28,2004
Hi BB,
Although you never meet me, but I have heard of a lot of stories from you.
You have to grow healthy , happy and beautiful !!!!
Wish you all the best !!!!
Pinky ^ - ^   14:21, Dec 28,2004
BB好可愛呀~ 大個左一定好似媽咪咁靚女, daddy咁醒目!
咁細個就有homepage, 真係好幸福哦~~ ^ o^/
係度祝BB快高長大, 健健康康~
Chanbibi     20:40, Dec 28,2004
天氣涼了一點點, 記住著多件衫呀BB!!!
Cheryl     12:50, Dec 30,2004
Congratulations! She is definitely an angel. I wish her the best of health and I know that she'll be always happy because she has such good parents, Kevin and Noel.

I wish your family to always stay happy and healthy.

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